Corporate partnership spotlight: Altar'd State

Bayou City Waterkeeper
September 14, 2021


Bottom row: Executive Director Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud receives check from Altar’d State employees; Watershed Specialist Mashal Awais leads Altar’d State staff members on a volunteer event in search of nurdles.


We’re grateful for the support offered by corporate partners across the watershed. Altar’d State is a women’s fashion boutique with a mission to fill a gap in the retail industry and change the world for the better. Altar’d State’s Sugar Land store featured Bayou City Waterkeeper as part of “Mission Monday,” which spreads the word about important causes and allocates 10% of net proceeds every Monday to a local non-profit. 

As part of Mission Monday, our staff spoke to the stores customers and hosted a volunteer day for the store’s employees. During a hot summer morning in June earlier this year, we were joined by an energetic group of about 10 staff members from Altar’d State at Surfside, Texas. We patrolled the beach in search of nurdles. Although we weren’t able to find many nurdles that morning (which is a good thing) they were very keen to learn about microplastics and the scale at which nurdles are silently polluting our waterways. The group had a great time, and joined us in protecting our coastal waters, while learning more about nurdle sampling. 

Altar’d State donated $2,655 to Bayou City Waterkeeper as a result of this partnership. We hope you’ll also consider making a donation to Bayou City Waterkeeper or explore becoming a corporate partner today. 

Using science and law, Bayou City Waterkeeper works with communities affected by flooding and water pollution toward a clean and healthy watershed. Through the Clean Water Act, Bayou City Waterkeeper holds polluters accountable and protects the waters that flow through our bayous, creeks, and neighborhoods into our coastal bays.