Reimagining Our Coast’s Climate Transition

What else could we do with $57 billion?

We need projects and policy changes that will address our region’s combined risks from major storms, industrial pollution, and infrastructure failures. Actions include:

  • Listen to most impacted communities. Help residents most vulnerable to flooding and storm surges make their homes safer, and move people out of harm’s way if needed.
  • Work with nature. Prevent further development in the 100-year floodplain and on coastlines, and preserve large expanses of wetlands, prairies, and coastline as natural climate protections.
  • Make industry safer. Adopt stricter regulations of harmful chemicals and enforce violations by industrial facilities. Require industrial facilities to adapt to withstand Category 4-5 storms. Make industry comply with existing regulations and pay for own climate protections.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in clean energy sources, particularly solar and offshore wind, and public transportation.
  • View engineered solutions as our last resort. The real lesson from the Dutch is to invest in nature and supplement with dikes, not the other way around.
Kristen Schlemmer, Legal Director and Waterkeeper

“A plan to protect our coast must embrace this place we call home in all its complexity. It must accept the reality of climate change and the transition that is before us. It must do the hard, creative work of imagining a better future for all of us who live here.”

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Amanda Fuller,
National Wildlife Federation

“This is a Band Aid. This is not a silver bullet.”

Former VP Al Gore

“The cost of this is massive, there is a 20-year construction timeline and the potential environmental impacts are huge–on top of skepticism about whether this plan would actually solve the problem.”

Chronicle Editorial Board

“It is time for our political leaders championing this project to acknowledge that the Ike Dike… is surely not the panacea that many, including this editorial board, hoped it will be.”

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