Cornerstone Environmental Laws

We rely on these important environmental laws to hold polluters accountable and protect our waterways:

Clean Water Act

We utilize the Clean Water Act to ensure that our waters are clean and safe for drinking, fishing, swimming, wildlife habitat and other uses. Our waterways are part of the public trust, not private property. By utilizing the laws set forth in the CWA, Bayou City Waterkeeper aims to achieve critical victories for waterways and our communities.

National Environment Policy Act

Bayou City Waterkeeper uses the National Environmental Policy Act, a law that requires environmental impact statements for projects permitted by the federal government, in a broad range of our work. It is a thread that runs through our efforts to protect public lands, defend endangered species, and safeguard our waterways from harm.

Endangered Species Act

We use the Endangered Species Act to protect imperiled species and their habitats. The ESA provides the legal ability to secure endangered species protection for plants and animals throughout our watershed — and our fights continue in defense of birds, sea turtles, marine mammals, and many other creatures.

To Win Big

Our legal battles are only part of our strategy. Bayou City Waterkeeper’s work is strengthened by policy and science — and you!


Our team works to build public awareness and support for actions that will protect our watershed and keep our communities out of harm’s way.

Policy & Science

Doing this work requires strong environmental laws that remain effective and meaningful. Each year, anti-science and anti-environmental policymakers work to dismantle our environmental protections and dismiss best available science. Our team works to ensure that good science remains a top priority for policy-makers and that regulations that protect our communities and the environment remain intact.

Your Support

The generous support of members like you allows us to do good work in our community and hold our most destructive polluters accountable for their actions.