Meet our spring 2023 fellows & interns

Kristen Schlemmer
January 10, 2023

Join us in welcoming the fellows and interns who are working with us this spring:
Aiyana Baptiste, Narrative Change Fellow 

Aiyana is continuing her work with us this semester as a Narrative Change fellow. She has worked with BCWK since last summer. Aiyana was born and raised in Houston. She attended Texas A&M University and received her Bachelor of Science in Renewable Natural Resources, with an emphasis in Policy and Management, and a minor in Philosophy. During her time as an undergraduate student, she studied ecological tactics that are helpful in conservation. Currently, she focuses on the relationship between people, natural resources, conservation, and connections to environmental justice.


Andrew Bierbower, Watershed Research Fellow (UH-Downtown Junior)

Andrew was born in Galveston, Texas and has lived in Houston his entire life. He is currently a junior Geochemistry student at the University of Houston-Downtown. During his time as a research student, he has worked on projects such as identifying how climate change affects tropical cyclone characteristics and how it may affect the Houston area in the near future. As someone who fondly remembers camping, hiking, and living in a coastal community while growing up, environmental conservation and restoration is an immense passion of his. Andrew hopes that his time as a Watershed Research Fellow will help him apply his technical and research skills in a way that will help create resiliency for future generations within our watershed community.

Cristy Lindberg, Legal Intern (St. Mary’s School of Law)

Cristy is a 3L at St. Mary’s School of Law in her hometown of San Antonio. Before law school, she received her undergraduate degree in journalism. She has always enjoyed spending time outdoors tracing back to her childhood summers in the Pacific Northwest, a region rich in waterways. She is excited to work with Bayou City Waterkeeper in bettering the environment and the community through law.

Aqsa Mengal, Water Policy Fellow

Aqsa is continuing her work as a Water Policy Fellow, which began last fall. Aqsa was born and raised in Quetta, Pakistan. She is a graduate of the Lahore University of Management Sciences, where she earned a Bachelor’s in Anthropology and Sociology. She is currently working as a Program Assistant in the Water Division of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and is based in Chicago, IL. In the past, she served as a Research Assistant for the Ministry of Climate Change and UNDP in Pakistan, and as a member of the Projects Committee for Ecologists Without Borders (EcoWB). She is passionate about water justice and developing strategies for climate adaptation and resilience for vulnerable communities. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending time with her family.