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Alenka Cardenas

Wetland Outreach Coordinator

Alenka Cardenas joined Bayou City Waterkeeper in September 2023. She bridges the realms of education and conservation as an aquatic scientist. Her expertise, rooted deeply in the ecosystems of Texas, is aimed at ensuring vibrant waters and communities throughout the region, especially in areas like the Lower Galveston Bay Watershed.

She received a Master of Arts in Public Policy from the University of Houston and brings a record of impactful collaborations with local environmental justice initiatives, advocating for communities’ innate rights to pristine air and water. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and has worked at St. Edward’s University in Austin, concentrating on wetland delineations, environmental impact assessments, and conservation strategies, especially for regions facing challenges from environmental perturbations. Alenka has supported environmental education endeavors and youth-driven conservation projects within Texas.

A Houston resident since her formative years, she treasures the city’s multicultural tapestry, continually exploring its cultural nuances, art forms, and connecting with its diverse inhabitants.