Welcome our new Deputy Director

Bayou City Waterkeeper
August 29, 2023

Join us in welcoming our new staff member Minh Nguyen,  BCWK’s Deputy Director.

What is the last waterbody that you visited? 

I live alongside Buffalo Bayou. I love to run and ride my bike and my scooter on the nature path running beside it. Recently, I bought a canoe from my good friend, and I’m considering the idea of getting back into our bayous.

Tell us about your background. 

I’ve lived in different places, starting from Minnesota, then experiencing life in Texas, and finally settling in Houston. This blend of environments has given me a multifaceted perspective on life, which is further enriched by my Vietnamese-American heritage.

I’ve been married to my wife for  over 6 years, and we are proud parents to our 19-month-old daughter. Navigating parenthood has its challenges, but our shared commitment to her well-being and growth keeps us motivated to learn and adapt.

Professionally, my path has taken me into various industries and roles — as owner of a Vietnamese cafe, partner of a coffee shop, and co-founder of a brew pub, among others. My background has equipped me with a broad understanding of different aspects of life and work. My genuine interest lies in uncovering the reasons behind human behavior and the inner workings of businesses. This curiosity fuels my engagement in conversations and situations where I seek to comprehend the “why” and contribute insights.

I also have a love for the environment. I co-founded Texas’ first year-round dragon boat club but ended this due to water quality issues that we uncovered through testing the water in the bayou. 

What part of your job do you think you will nerd out about?

Supporting and managing our growing staff, aligning our work with our values and strategic plan, and learning more about policy and environmental justice.

How do you think your work as the Deputy Director will impact our community?

As we grow, my primary objective is to cultivate a unified team dynamic, where every member’s strengths are recognized and synergized. By fostering an environment of collaboration and strategic alignment internally, we can then make a lasting impact externally in our communities.

Why is Houston special? 

The people — from there, its diversity, the cultures, and the food.