For its first 10 years, Bayou City Waterkeeper has focused its efforts on three main programs: 1) wetland protection through education, monitoring, and permit actions; (2) enhancements of regional and local stormwater permits; and, (3) water quality concerns and compliance under the Clean Water Act. Post-Harvey, we have expanded these efforts to include a resiliency lens that promotes best practices and investments throughout the watershed. This includes addressing threats to coastal residents from rising sea levels and storm surge and encouraging adaptive measures which increase natural protections and meet the needs of our communities and economy.

Recently, we have transitioned this program area to Just Climate Transitions.

In this shift, we call out justice in our work — both environmental, ecological,  economic, and racial — as priorities, alongside climate resiliency. We advocate for new policies and a culture shift needed — as seen in our region’s underinvestment in forward thinking flood prevention, lax attitudes towards land use regulation, and historic redlining practices which have driven over development of ecologically sensitive wetland areas and the outer lying parts of our city.

We believe now is an opportunity to advocate for dramatic action, as part of a just transition towards a more sustainable and equitable future. 

Rising seas and stronger storms increasingly threaten the Texas Gulf Coast. In 2017, Harvey smashed previous rain records and affected communities living throughout the Greater Houston and Galveston area. With record-setting storms on the rise, stakeholders in the region have united around a common understanding: Dramatic action is needed to ensure our long-term resilience.

Local, state, and federal governments plan to invest billions of dollars to help our region adapt and recover. Through strategic collaborations and advocacy in communities across the Galveston Bay watershed, Bayou City Waterkeeper is pushing for this money be spent wisely on science-based, future-oriented, equitable solutions that work with – not against – nature. All our communities, whether in Houston’s urban core or along our beautiful stretch of the Gulf Coast, deserve the promise of a resilient and healthy environment for generations to come.

Our Programs

Coastal Environment

Championing eco-centric solutions that further our ability to live on the coast in sustainable, thriving communities for generations to come.

Urban Environment

Advocating for nature-driven solutions to Houston’s flooding problems that account for the needs of our most vulnerable communities.