We view water as a catalyst for change

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BCWK is a Houston-based organization focusing on water quality, wetlands protection, and flood mitigation across our region with an emphasis on climate resilience and environmental justice. BCWK serves the lower Galveston Bay watershed, a 10-county region that encompasses greater Houston.

At Bayou City Waterkeeper we view water as a catalyst for change in greater Houston and along the Texas Gulf coast. Communities most affected by water pollution, flooding, and system failures must be at the center of this change. Only by centering community priorities can we shape solutions that meaningfully address the largest environmental, climate, and infrastructure threats that our region faces.

Lower Galveston Bay Watershed

Bayou City Waterkeeper works to protect and restore our wetlands, floodplains and riparian habitats that flow into our waterways and surrounding bays. The adjacent map shows the Lower Galveston Bay Watershed that we strive to make fishable, swimmable, and drinkable for all.

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